Savannah students sending birthday wishes to WWII veteran


Students at Garrison School for the Arts are helping make a 95-year-old’s birthday wish come true.

Sixth graders got out their construction paper and markers Thursday to make birthday cards for Duane Sherman, a California World War II veteran.

Sherman’s daughter said he told her he didn’t want to celebrate his 96th birthday because all of his friends have passed and he no longer receives cards.

So she took to Facebook asking strangers to flood his mailbox with birthday wishes.

Dr. Madison’s class just wrapped up a section on Europe, so she said it was the perfect teaching moment.

“One of the things I hope they will take is that it’s important to give to others, even if it’s as simple as making a card for thanking them for something they’ve done,” Dr. Madison said. “So hopefully they will have an appreciation for our veterans in the future.”

The class will mail out letters on Friday for Sherman’s birthday on Dec. 30.

“I honestly just hope he smiles, basically and like he feels it in his heart. And that he loves it,” said sixth-grader Jar’mya Campbell.

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