Savannah scavenger hunt reminds neighbors ‘there are always rainbows after every storm’


“We started out with a smaller rainbow for the last two weeks, then my wife, whose personality is pretty much as big as a rainbow, decided to paint a larger one since we are on a corner lot,” Benson-Jaja said.

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Savannahians are bringing joy and a whole lot of color to their neighborhoods by placing hand-crafted rainbows in their windows for a community game of I Spy.

The idea is simple. First, a home creates a rainbow and places it somewhere visible from the street. Then, they add their address to a Google spreadsheet that allows all rainbow locations to be tagged on Google Maps.

Families and neighbors can then take a car ride or a walk to find the rainbows.

Tuba Benson-Jaja lives in Ardsley Park with his family. He says his wife and one of her friends heard about the “scavenger hunt” being done in other cities across the country, so they decided to bring it to Savannah.

Benson-Jaja created a Facebook post pitching the idea to his neighbors, and it caught on. He calls the spreadsheet the “Quarantine Rainbow Map.” His family started with a small rainbow, then created a bigger one that stretches across two windows. It’s nearly impossible to miss.

“The whole idea is to place a rainbow to remind us that there are always rainbows after every storm, and sometimes they appear in the midst of the storm,” Benson-Jaja said.

Benson-Jaja says many people in the community are feeling anxious about employment, businesses and health during the COVID-19 outbreak, so he knew his neighbors would be excited to spread some joy.

“As a community, Ardsley is filled with so many creative and positive-minded people,” Benson-Jaja said. “So, it’s been a natural fit, as we are all finding ways to encourage each other to stay positive and look for the rainbows, even while we are social distancing.”

Check out some of the rainbows around town in the photo gallery below.

To see the Savannah “Quarantine Rainbow Map” or add your own location, CLICK HERE.

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