SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — A week full of Savannah Pride events kicks off Tuesday with an incredible art show.

Pride director Lawrence Appenzeller told me their events make a great impact on those who don’t normally get support day to day.

“They show up and they see how many people are there celebrating and supportive of them, that can be really impactful,” said Appenzeller. “Especially to younger people that don’t have that support.”

There will be a masquerade ball Thursday kicking off the festival on Friday and Saturday and a drag brunch on Sunday. There will be a parade around downtown on Friday night.

“Having everyone come together, not just in the lgbtq community, but allies as well, coming and being visible and supporting each other and celebrating together… It’s not only beautiful but it’s also super important for those people,” said Appenzeller.

Appenzeller told me this year’s parade is Halloween-themed. They’ll take a tour of downtown on Friday night, ending back at the festival in Ellis Square.

They said as always, the parade and festival will be family-friendly, asking their youth group what they would like to see at Pride.

“it is really important to support youth always but even more so recently especially trans and nonbinary youth because of a lot of the legislation that’s been happening has really impacted a lot of families and a lot of people,” said Appenzeller.

He says they will have the parade and festival secured with law enforcement present so everyone can have fun and stay safe.

Pride events normally happen in the month of June, but in case you were wondering, they told News 3 they’re celebrating in October like many southern groups, just because it’s finally cooled down outside.