SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — The Savannah Fire Department displayed artwork created by students at Islands High School and their teacher on Tuesday. The five pieces of artwork were part of an ongoing project to honor the history of the Savannah Fire Department.

The project required students to do archival research in order to uncover photographs to incorporate into the artwork. Students also worked as apprentices for their teacher, Daniel Bonnell, for a week at a time while helping to make the murals.

“The heart of this project is to let my students learn to develop a spirit of thankfulness,” Bonnell said. “Let them learn that the greatest lesson in life is not about ‘me’, but it’s about serving others.”

Bonnell said that he was thrilled to have had the opportunity to create the artwork which included the large murals as well as some smaller art pieces.

“We’re all here today to say thank you,” Bonnell said at the viewing on Tuesday. “That’s why we’re here. These are just thank you notes that get delivered.”

Bonnell said he was looking forward to the next five years. Over this period of time, he plans to eventually have completed 15 murals. The murals will be placed in each of the Savannah fire stations. The plan is to have the murals change locations over time so that there will always be new artwork in the stations to appreciate.

“Art enables us to connect with the past, to honor it, and to help us focus on the future,” Bonell said. “It connects us as human beings and allows us to be thankful for each other – especially firefighters.”

Savannah Fire Chief Derik Minard said that the Savannah Fire Department was honored that Bonnell and his students chose them as the subject for their work.

“We are amazed at how beautifully they depicted our 262-year history, our commitment and our professionalism,” Minard said.

To see more of Bonnell’s work you can check out his website here.