SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV)– September is National Hispanic Heritage Month, and the city of Savannah attracted people far and wide to participate in their cultural events on Saturday.

The Metro Savannah Hispanic Chamber of Commerce hosted its second Hispanic Heritage Parade and Festival in Savannah.

It was a day spent singing, dancing, eating and recognizing Hispanic Heritage, which brought together many walks of life.

 Participants of a Venezuelan dance company, Venezuela Danza y Tambor, told News 3 that recognizing this is important.

“It is important for us to show our culture because most of us are immigrants,” Claudia Castillo said. “Some of us are daughters of immigrants. We want to represent our culture since we are not able to visit our country because of many things that are happening right now. We want to be able to spread the word to the world about our culture.”

Flags to symbolize their country were flown with pride, starting with the early morning parade and ending with a festival.

Yelied Diaz said it’s amazing being able to socialize with different cultures.

“It is fabulous for us to see how that there are other countries out there who have their own style of anything,” Diaz said. “Their food, their dances, their costumes, their everything.”

Sarah Pedraza with AmeriGroup Community Care works with the Hispanic community regularly and said this is a great way to expand one’s knowledge about different cultures.

She added, even though she is not a Savannah local, she’s seen the city’s efforts of inclusivity.

“I’ve seen many different cultures come together as one,” Pedraza said. “We do back-to-school events as well and I’ve seen it here locally as well. it’s an amazing opportunity for everyone to learn about the Latino Hispanic culture during the month of Hispanic Heritage Month.”

According to the Metro Savannah Hispanic Chamber of Commerce,  this is a movement that promotes diversity, unity and cultural exchange.

“I think the best thing to do is look around and see how beautiful it is to recognize that there are so many different cultures,” Castillo said. “There’s just so much variety that us humans have around the world, and to be able to meet our culture is something so beautiful. It’s definitely something people should look forward to because it will definitely fill you.”