Savannah business partners with nonprofit to help feed children in need


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — As schools and community centers continue to practice social distancing amid the coronavirus outbreak, more families are facing food insecurity.

Now, a local business is helping ensure children in need still have food on the table.

Profile by Sanford Savannah, a business focused on nutrition and healthy lifestyles, is stepping up to support P.A.C.K., or People of Action Caring for Kids since there is an increased demand for food in our community.

“Since we really focus on nutrition and healthy eating, it’s very important to think about those people in the community, especially children, who don’t have access to food every day,” owner of Profile by Sanford, Missy Jones, said.

P.A.C.K. pantry

“We really need proper nutrition to keep us healthy and that’s extremely important during this time,” Jones added. “So being able to do something to give back and promote nutrition since that’s what we do is extremely important to us.”

In a typical month, P.A.C.K. gives out about 10,000 meals to children in about 33 different schools and community centers. The charity has had triple the demand as more families and children are at home with no food in their fridge or pantry.

“They often need volunteers, they have a lot of food to pack during the week,” Jones said.

Profile by Sanford is doing its part to help the nonprofit organization through volunteering and creating a granola bar drive since P.A.C.K. is ramping up their usual efforts of helping provide snack items and easy-to-prepare meals for kids.

Their doors will be opening back up the day after Memorial Day and anyone can donate a pack of granola bars.

“People in the community can feel free to come in. We’ll have a bucket available in the lobby of our store where they can drop off packages of granola bars,” Jones said, adding that any kind of bar is welcome.

“And the reason we’re choosing granola bars is it’s just easy,” she explained. “People often don’t know what to give, but if we give them a specific item, they can just pick up an extra box or two when they’re in the grocery store.”

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