SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — The Savannah Bananas will be welcoming a very special guest to Thursday night’s game. 

Mark Lane, also known as Swaggy, is a 10-year-old from Massachusetts with a rare neurological disorder that causes 2 to 3 hundred seizures a day. Despite the obstacles he faces, that doesn’t stop him from maintaining a positive attitude- and according to his mom— it definitely doesn’t stop him from hitting dingers on the baseball field.

“It isn’t about financial means it’s about showing that you are way more than what your diagnosis is. It’s only been like 36 hours and it has been epic,” Swaggy’s mother April Lane said. 

The 10-year-old became a fan of the Bananas when he saw some of the team’s videos that went viral on TikTok.

When he had the chance to live out a dream through the Make-a-Wish Georgia – he asked to be a Savannah Banana for a day.

That wish will be honored on Thursday night. Today, swaggy met with some members of the team to sign his contract.

Savannah Banana Noah Bridges said, “We’ve heard a lot about Swaggy and his dance moves – can’t wait to see him.”

Swaggy’s neurological disorder forces him to wear a cap and sunglasses most of the time since he is very sensitive to light.

Since a cap and glasses are common accessories in baseball, his mother says it’s the perfect sport for him. He got his nickname “Swaggy” at a youth soccer practice.

While some teammates teased him for his cap and sunglasses – a kind girl on his team insisted that the accessories gave him “swagger.” After that, it became his permanent nickname.

“He was like can you call me Swaggy? And it just stuck – now people only call him Swaggy,” his mother said.

Although he will only be on the team for one game, his future teammates feel honored.

“For kids like him to want to meet us, it means the world to us, really gives you a perspective of what we are trying to do for the game.”

Swaggy plans to make the most of his opportunity. He even has a dance planned if he hits a home run.