SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Every Thanksgiving, the Salvation Army of Savannah puts out all the holiday fixings for several hundred locals in need.

Who like many, are finding themselves down on their luck this holiday season.

“Good chance we’ll probably serve around 250 folks,” explained Maj. Paul Egan of the Salvation Army. “We generally have about 75-80 folks staying here every night right now, and a few of them are able to go back and be with their families which we are grateful for,”

According to Egan, the Salvation Army actually has to turn volunteers away due to the overwhelming amount of people willing to help out.

He says, that outpouring of support is a big reason why they’re able to feed so many mouths.

“They are so happy. I’ve seen people dance, and I’ve seen people that just can’t wait for the kids to get in,” Egan said. “And we have women and children that stay here at our shelter and so, those kids are going to have a special day as well cause we got some volunteers lined up to do little crafts and fun things, drawing turkeys, listing what you’re thankful for and it’s a wonderful thing to be a part of.”

Now, with full plates and full hearts, Maj. Egan hopes that providing a little extra help around the holidays will make a difference in the lives of many.

“As folks are leaving here you’re going to see a lot of smiles, and a lot of people very happy about the day and it’s just typical of what the Salvation Army does with making a difference in somebody’s lives,” Egan said. “A lot of people that are here at this shelter are folks that are not just getting a place to stay for the night or a place to stay for the week, but they are moving forward with their lives.”