Ridgeland Christmas light display offers fun and a chance to help


RIDGELAND, SC (WSAV) – Holiday light displays are usually just for fun, but one show in the Lowcountry has a special meaning behind it.

“We started just for our kids to enjoy the Christmas season and the holiday lights. And it’s just grown since then,” said Chelsea Brendlen.

That fun for kids which Chelsea and Barry Brendlen started 24 years ago at their Driggers lane home in Ridgeland, has now grown into a winter wonderland with more than 100,000 lights.

“It is the community,” said Chelsea. “Every year they start asking what we are doing different, what we are adding. People tell us how much joy it brings to them it’s just enough to keep you doing it every year.”

Since hundreds of people drive thru their annual celebration each year, Buddy and Chelsea spend weeks getting ready to light up the night.

“It is just fun when you hear the kids get excited,” smiles Chelsea.

There are elves on planes, trains and automobiles. All allowing you to travel back in time.

“I’ve had adults tell me they’ll drive 5-10 minutes out of their way at night just to drive through our display.”

And this year, the light will shine a little brighter.. as they try to help out a friend in need.

“She’s my age. has young children. Her name is Julie. She has Cancer,” explains Chelsea. “It’s stage 4, she’s had it for four years. She’s had some complications recently. So anything we can do to help is always nice.”

This couple will always be on Santa’s “nice” list. Not just because they make “his” holiday sparkle, but they work to bring a little bit of joy to everyone’s season.

“Who doesn’t like Christmas?” says Chelsea. “It is a good time, everyone’s in a good mood right now.

“It brings happiness, joy to their night, their day. This year I think everybody needs a little more of that.”

And what everyone needs is more Santa Claus. This is why Saturday jolly ole Saint Nick himself is stopping by.

“Saturday Santa and Mrs. Claus will be here. There is cookie decorating, ornament decorating, face painting and we will have desserts and hot chocolate.’

Santa and Mrs. Claus will give out 100 or more toys, candy canes and fun.

“We don’t expect anything when you go through. the only thing we want you to take away from this is enjoying it and sharing it with other people.”

The display is up every night until Christmas but Santa will only be there Saturday.

Everyone is welcome to come to the home on Driggers lane in Ridgeland from 6 until 8 in the evening.

While donations are welcome, the entire event is free.

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