Picking out and cutting down the perfect Christmas tree


The day after Thanksgiving is the busiest day of the year for A and A Christmas Trees in Beaufort

This is the busiest weekend of the year for Christmas tree sales.

There is only one public tree farm in Beaufort or Jasper County, A and A Christmas trees on Old Cooler Circle in Beaufort.

The day after Thanksgiving is their busiest for sales of local Murray Cyprus and White Pine trees, as well as fresh Frasier Firs brought in from North Carolina.

Many people weren’t sure what the “secret sauce” was for finding the perfect tree.

“it was the right shape, its tall, it’s green. It was the right price,” said Anna Brown.

“One of the kids was passionate about it He said this was the one. So we just agreed,” added her husband Steven.

The farm allows everyone to cut down their own tree to become the centerpiece of the Christmas celebration.

“We’ve been doing this since we met 25 years ago, 26 27 years ago,” said Bert Nieneighbor with his wife Connie. “There’s something special about doing it.”

“For a Murray Cyprus to be a sellable tree is a 10-year process,” said Daniel Doe.

Daniel Doe and his wife took over the family business seven years ago. The farm has been around since the 1970s.

The work to make these trees “just right” starts the day after Christmas and continues all year long.

“I have to keep trimming it and staging it so I can get the shape that I want as a Christmas tree. If I don’t it will grow wild,” said Doe.

“I know in January that same tree that a family cut down, I’m going to put another tree there in January. I know that tree went to a good home, another tree will be growing in that same spot.”

Finding just the right tree and right spot for it can be a challenge, especially with so many to choose from.

Daniel has one tip to help you before you start sawing.

“Sometimes you go too big and it is too big for the area you want to put it in,” said Daniel. “If you know the height of your ceiling that will help me know what type of tree to put in your household. So you have a 9-foot ceiling in your house I recommend an 8-foot tree. “

But size isn’t the only thing that matters.

I found a young Christmas “expert” who wasn’t just dressed up as an elf. She has a foolproof system for picking out the exact tree that fits your family.

“I use the acronym SANTA,” explains Kacy Jones. “Is it sturdy, is it awe-inspiring. Does it have good needles? Is it tall enough and is it a good hugger? That’s the most important part.”

Whatever system you use, bringing home a tree that everyone likes may be the best gift of all.

“It is a season about love and hope and just about how the power of love can conquer all,” said Kacy Jones.

You can cut your own tree down or buy one that is pre-cut.

The farm is open in Beaufort every day from 10 to 5:30pm through Christmas.

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