Organizations seek help in housing animals


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Two local organizations are asking people to help them house the number of animals who are being abandoned.

One Love Animal Rescue and River Crossing Apartments host an annual event with the hopes that people will connect with one of their dogs or cats and decide to become a foster parent. The animal rescue organization functions solely on donations and cannot accept any animals from overburdened shelters without having enough foster parents to house them.

Katy Jackman, the property manager for River Crossing apartments said there is a serious problem in the area with abandoned animals and over-breeding.

“So many people are breeding these animals and they’re breeding these, um you know, Bully Pits, and they’re breeding these German Shepherds, and they’re breeding these Labs and they’re ending up in shelters and they’re ending up with us trying to find them homes,” Jackman stated.

If you want to volunteer, be a foster parent, or consider an adoption send an email to or visit HERE.

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