SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — A few local organizations are teaming up to help families prepare for the upcoming school year in more ways than one.

Monday the Chatham County Police Department, Chatham County Sheriff’s Office and League of Brawn Development Center for Men hosted a bicycle donation pick-up. 

“Giving bicycles out to the community is one way that we can ensure that local kids of all ages, local kids of all backgrounds actually get to enjoy the products that we make,” Dynacraft & Crossgate Logistics Director of Business Operations, Patricia Gates said.

“For us, we have seen our share of success and for us being able to connect with the community and being able to know where the needs are, being able to help wherever we can,” Gates said. “Being able to change the culture of our surroundings in a way that we know we can impact is a big deal.”

Chatham County Sheriff John Whilcher said he thinks these bikes will make a great impact on the community. 

“Kids nowadays look for things to help them, look for things to make their lives better at least that’s what we are hoping in the community,” Whilcher said. “I want them to grow up to be somebody in the community, we are here to make things better for the kids.”

“It doesn’t cost anything to be helpful and in the long run if you save one kid and he becomes somebody in the community in your community, you’ve done something in your community,” Whilcher said.

The Chatham County’s Sheriff’s Office will host the “Book, Bikes and Badges Block Party” on July 24 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The donated bikes will be given away at the event.