SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Safe Shelter is honoring those who have lost their lives due to domestic violence all month long.

Over 100 people gathered in Forsyth Park on Thursday evening for a candlelight vigil. 184 people died last year due to domestic violence. Four of those people were from Chatham County.

Safe Shelter is the second largest domestic violence shelter in the State of Georgia, Atlanta being the first.

Safe Shelter is very forward-facing in the community, bringing awareness to the help that they offer, according to CEO Shannon Bates.

“Last year, Safe Shelter helped almost 1,900 people, and we’ve got 757 protective orders. So, you can see, with 184 people who lost their lives, the impact we are having right here in Chatham County… protecting lives,” Bates said.

Bates calls domestic violence, “an often overlooked problem”.