Meals for Moms hopes to provide relief for Savannah’s single mothers


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – A local Savannah organization hopes to partner with local businesses to help single mothers with its Meals for Moms program.

Jennifer Graham, Executive Director of Shelter from the Rain and a single mom herself, says it’s all about meeting the needs of single mothers right now.

“I personally know the struggles that single moms face,” said Graham. “This is just a new struggle we have to face.”

The organization hosts support groups and provides resources, like baby supplies, for mothers in need.

The need for food, however, increased once the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic were felt.

“Once we started to see they’re asking for food more now, we need to have more food and we need to find a place to make it available,” said Graham.

Graham says she hopes the program can support moms in need and provide some relief to local businesses as well.

Before developing the program, the organization had to move locations where they work. Savannah Church of God, where the organization regularly operates, was shut down because of the pandemic.

Still, their operations were able to relocate to Park Place Outreach, mainly to house their supply pickups.

The support groups for single mothers hosted by Shelter from the Rain have moved online because of the pandemic.

Graham is offering all the services from the organization to any mother who may need help during this time and hopes to continue to meet the needs of other single moms.

“For me, it just fueled my natural passion to help single moms,” said Graham. “I just knew that, okay now we have to think of how we can do what we normally do with the circumstances and challenges that we’re facing right now.”

Learn more about Shelter from the Rain and how you can help here.

Businesses looking to partner with the organization to provide meals or supplies for single moms can learn more here.

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