Meals for Medical makes final delivery after providing over 12,000 meals for healthcare workers


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – After providing over 12,000 meals to local healthcare workers, the Meals for Medical group is officially going on a hiatus. NOW first spoke to the organizer, Jennifer Green, at the end of March when she made a delivery to Chatham Emergency Services.

She said she started the group on Facebook as a way to provide for those on the frontlines of the pandemic as well as give local restaurants some much-needed business.

Nearly two months after she started, Green has raised over $73,000 and provided over 12,000 meals for medical professionals at all three hospitals in Savannah and for emergency medical services and fire department personnel.

“I thought it would be a handful of meals, if that,” said Green. “With the community’s support, with local business support, we were able to grow this and serve many more mouths than I ever imagined.”

The last delivery was made on Wednesday to the Emergency Department at Memorial Health. The food was provided by the Grand Lake Club at Southbridge.

Lori Conaway, the Director of the Emergency Department at Memorial Health, says the meals show her and her staff just how much they’re valued and appreciated by people in the community.

“The team has had their morale boosted every day by some delicious meals bought for them,” said Conaway.

Green says although she’s stopping major operations, she will still be readily available to help when the community needs it.

“I won’t say that I’m going away,” said Green, “I’m just temporarily slowing down.”

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