RICHMOND HILL, Ga. (WSAV) — Ivona Dixon invites you to step outside and take a break from sheltering in place.

The 12-year photographer is hosting “Front Porch Photo Sessions” for the Savannah area. 

She began offering the special family shoots on March 27.

“I’m actually a women’s portrait photographer, and once COVID-19 started, I knew that I would have to stop that for a little while,” Dixon told NOW. 

She was inspired by what several photographers have been doing across the country, including Savannah’s Jaden Giorgianni

“I just wanted to see what I could do to keep busy, so I saw other photographers doing Front Porch Sessions, and I decided to do it for the Savannah area and the families that live in our community,” said Dixon.

For those going a little stir-crazy at home as people practice social distancing, Dixon says she wanted to bring some joy to an uncertain time.

“Families are just really happy to have a reason to, you know, throw on some makeup, do their hair, put on something other than daytime pajamas and to see another human being,” she laughed.

For the sessions, she visits homes and snaps photos of families from their porches at a safe distance.

“It’s been really fun for me to hear everyone’s stories,” Dixon said.  

“There are some high school seniors who are done and their parents expressed their gratitude to have these photos taken because they might not get photos with a cap and gown,” she said, adding, “Another senior girl wore her prom dress because prom was canceled.”

The project has been keeping Dixon busy. 

“Every day, we’re getting more text messages,” she said. “Last week, I think I did a total of 15, and then over the past 48 hours, I did 10 families alone, and my calendar keeps filling up.” 

Families are welcome to pay whatever they want for the photo shoots.

Dixon has gotten anywhere from $20 to $250 per shoot.

So far, she has raised $1,000 to donate to a good cause. 

“Half the proceeds are going to the SD Gunner Fund and their Operation R&R,” Dixon said.

“They’re supporting the restaurant industry while delivering those meals to the medical community,” she added.

For now, Dixon plans to offer the special sessions through April 11, and that will likely extend to at least April 30, according to her photography website.

“As long as I am continuing to get texts from people who want to do a photo shoot, and as long as I’m allowed to, with physical distance and everything, then I’ll continue,” she said.

To contact Ivona Dixon about setting up a Front Porch Photo Shoot, you can visit her website here.

You can also reach Dixon on Facebook.