SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — It was a day full of love on Saturday as Shelter From the Rain, Savannah-based non-profit that empowers local mothers, teamed up with The Front Porch to assemble beautiful Valentine’s Day baskets.

These baskets will be delivered to local single parents in the community on Valentine’s Day as a reminder of just how important and special they are.

Each basket is custom assembled to specifically help out the mother it will be sent to. The baskets are filled with candy, stuffed teddy bears, and even gift cards for different services to help makes the lives of these single mothers just a bit more easy.

“You know a lot of moms feel lonely any day of the year but especially on Valentine’s Day, so just being able to send that reminder that they’re loved and love comes from so many different places, not just romantic love,” executive director shelter from the rain

For more information about Shelter From the Rain, visit their website here.