Letters to Santa mailboxes up and ready in the Lowcountry


All Burton Fire stations offering mailboxes for kids' letters to Santa. All he will respond

Do you know what you want Santa to bring you this Christmas?

One Lowcountry agency is doing its part to make sure Santa knows by helping deliver messages to the north pole.

Burton firefighters dug the hole and officially placed the Santa’s Letters mailboxes in the ground.

Each and every one of the fire stations in Burton have a box just like this one so kids can drop off their wish list to the man in red.

While Santa does not promise to give kids all the items on the list, he will read each and every letter and make sure to see who is naughty or nice this holiday season.

Firefighters say it is a great way to give back to the community and make sure that Santa gets all his messages.

“Fire departments very much pride themselves on being there for the community when they need them. Most of the year those are tragedies we share their sorry and pain with them. This is an opportunity to share some good times,” explains Burton Fire Cpt Daniel Byrne.

“This is a direct link. We collect the letters every week and Santa’s helpers come by and bring them to the North Pole for us.”

“Santa does promise that every letter he receives. if it has the name and address clearly written they will get a personal letter back.”

Burton Fire will also be driving Santa with fire engines to all the neighborhoods in their area this season.

The schedule is still being set. You can find out more after thanksgiving on the Burton fire Facebook page.

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