‘It really humbles you a lot’: Local event raises voice of local homeless, connects them with decision makers in the community


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Homeless for the Holidays is a community event centered around raising the voices of locals experiencing homelessness while connecting them with Savannah’s leaders in hopes of creating change in the community.

“My son doesn’t even know he’s in a shelter, everyone says he’s the happiest baby in the world,” says homeless mother, Hollie Dixon.

Dozens gathered at Front Porch Improv for a first of its kind event. Hearing the personal accounts of Savannahians experiencing homelessness, while connecting them with decision makers in the community.

“It’s really a lot to take in, it’s really a different way of life,” Dixon says. “Coming from somebody that’s always lived with a roof over their head and honestly, if there’s one thing I can really say about being homeless, it really humbles you, a lot.”

Many shared the hardships that led to the situation they’re currently facing, saying in most cases, many are much closer to experiencing homelessness than one may realize.

“All of us, we’re one tragedy away, one hurricane away, one tornado away, one job loss away, one death away, one paycheck being taken away, that we find ourselves in that same situation,” Mayor Van Johnson said.

Even though every situation is different, they say it’s important to meet those in need where they are. To connect with them and make them feel human, instead of turning a blind eye.

“Being homeless is not a crime,” says Savannah Police Chief Roy Minter. “I receive calls on the daily basis saying, ‘Chief needs an officer over here to move this person along or to stop people from being in this area.’ It is not a crime to be homeless, what we need to do is continue to provide services so that we don’t have those situations occur.”

To help support their mission and buy gifts for the homeless this upcoming holiday season, click or tap here.

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