SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — A piece of property that has been in use since Savannah’s founding now has a new life.

“Most people just pass by these cottages; they haven’t really been anything in, I don’t even know, 40 years maybe? It’s the most precious piece of property in Savannah. We have all this beautiful green space, little gardens, you know it’s just really happy,” owner Kristen Harkleroad said. 

This is a look at the corner of East Broad and Bay Streets downtown. This is the edge of the Trustee’s Garden property.

It used to be home to the Savannah Gas Company and the pipes that ran natural gas are still in the yard. 

It’s now home to a new business, called the Fancy Pheasant. 

Harkleroad told News 3, “We have a lot of fabulous entrepreneurs in Savannah so I think right now we have about 30 different Savannah vendors in here so artists, body care, we have this one lady who has this great coloring book with all the squares in it so a nice little range of things.”

She continued, “So many people who live around here are just so interested and excited to see something new down here and kind of make this little corner come back to life and we’re happy to do it.”

The store sits right across the parking lot from the Morris Center and Morris Multimedia leases out the property.