SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — The Holocaust has been described as one of the most prolific genocides in human history, resulting in the death of roughly six million Jews and millions of other people between the years of 1933 to 1945. An immersive experience is returning to Savannah to transport visitors back to that time period.

The Hate Ends Now tour will be in Savannah from Jan. 3 to Jan. 12, to host its immersive 360-degree exhibition, The Cattle Car Experience.

The exhibit will be hosted at the following locations in the community with limited time slots:

Thu/Fri, January 5 & 6 – Benedictine School Campus

Sunday, January 8 – Skidaway Community Church

Mon/Tue, January 9 & 10 -Jewish Educational Alliance

Participants will begin the 30-minute presentation by boarding a cattle car, a replica of the ones used after WWII to transport Jews and other targeted groups to concentration camps, where they will be exposed to the development and aftermath of the Holocaust through a remarkable collection of imagery and footage dating from 1933 through 1945. Recorded documentaries of Holocaust survivors describing their inhumane experiences will play during the exhibit.

“The Holocaust teaches us more than just the historical facts that occurred, it teaches us, in a vividly clear way, that there are lessons to be learned for our lives today.” Adam Solender, CEO of the Savannah Jewish Federation said when asked why this project was important to bring to our community. “Our world is filled with hate, bullying, homophobia, intolerance, and racism. The Cattle Car Experience is a vivid tangible reminder of what hatred, bigotry, racism, antisemitism, and intolerance can lead to. It is a unique reminder for our Savannah community.”

This traveling exhibit is open to groups of all faiths and ages and open to the public. For more information and to sign up for a free 30-minute tour, click here.