SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — It’s racial equity weekend in the Hostess City.

The Harambee House, a 30-year-old grassroots movement focusing on environmental justice and equity in the community is hosting a weekend full of events to start conversations about the topics that matter in the community.

On Saturday, that meant talks centered around the city’s commitment to clean energy.

“There’s so many wonderful things that are happening in the city that even the Harambee house and all of it’s partners along with the mayor’s team are working on, and we’re just lifting up citizens to learn more about green economies, green initiatives, but also to get involved,” said Azania Heyward-James, Board Chair of the Harambee House.

Partnering with Nathaniel Smith and the Partnership for Southern Equity, the group sparked conversations about structural injustices, racial equity, and how we can get closer to becoming equals regardless of race, gender or religion.

“We just believe that the time is right to do what is right, and hopefully these conversations around equity and racial equity will compel people to come together as human beings, right? As one human family to work towards us being the best communities we can be, for the people who need us the most,” Smith said.

With it being an election year and with Georgia’s voting laws soon to take center stage in the coming months, organizers say it was important for the Harambee House to hold these conversations early on in the year.

To start planning for the long road ahead, and to continue the fight towards equity.

“One of the best things that ever happened to me is when my mom took me to vote at the very first time of turning 18. So, that’s what this is about,” said Heyward-James. “This is a city thing, we are city proud, we are Savannah proud and we’re working together to lift up the entire city.”

For more information on the Harambee House, you can click or tap here.