SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – With rage rooms becoming all the more popular in the United States, you might be wondering what you can do to get in on the fun. For starters, why not bring the party to you for your first rage room experience?

Smash Town Mobile Rage Room is the perfect option for the party-goer who does not want to “go” anywhere.

What is a rage room?

A rage room itself is a simple enough concept. You are given protective gear and typically a selection objects to swing before being let loose in a room filled with breakables. From there you go wild, swinging bats and throwing plates until you run out of time, energy, or things to smash.

A truck with the words "Smash Town Mobile Rage Room" on the side. It has a ramp leading into the back.

What is a mobile rage room?

A mobile rage room like Smash Town’s is a unique option. Instead of a building, they are typically in a trailer on the back of a truck. The mobile room is set up and reset after every participant.

Sign that reds "Limited time at this location! Smashtown Mobile Rage Room call today to set up your rage session (912) 484-3007. Wreck it! Shatter it! Smash It! Crush it!"

What is Smash Town?

Smash Town was one of the first mobile rage rooms in Savannah. They started as just one rage room but they will be opening a second in March of 2023.

“You give us 24 hours we can go anywhere you want us to go,” Robert Ludgate, owner of Smash Town, said. “Being mobile is definitely a plus for us.”

With Smash Town’s mobile rage room you can pay $35 for an unlimited amount of time breaking 20 small breakables and some pre-hit electronics. For an extra $10 you can hit a TV that has never been smashed before.

For kids, there is also an option to have a limited amount of time spent in the rage room with more kid-friendly things to hit with a bat- like bowling pins.

Ludgate said that while he appreciates that there are brick and mortar rage rooms available, he prefers the mobile room.

“My business suits me better,” he said.

If you would like to know more information about the rage room you can find it by calling (912) 484-3007. You can also check out their TikTok and Facebook.