Frank Callen Boys and Girls Club plans for a new facility


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Savannah youth will soon have a new stomping ground.

The Frank Callen Boys and Girls Club recently purchased The Catholic Diocese Church of Savannah’s property, to serve more kids in the greater Savannah area. The organization announced the 15-acre land purchase on Monday.

“We’re just so excited this is a landmark for us,” said Vincent Del Monte, executive Director of the Frank and Callen Boys and Girls Club. “We have been trying to figure this out for a long time, we have searched high and low for available land and finally something came through for us.”

The boys and girls club has been serving kids for over 104 years. Administrators said with this expansion they hope to serve more children than before.

“You can’t put any more kids here that’s why we figured we would have to build a new facility,” Del Monte said. “Our goal is to serve a thousand kids per day and we certainly try couldn’t do that here.”

The new 40 thousand square foot facility will feature a learning center, play area, as well as a swimming pool, and ball field.

“We are just totally excited that we can do this for the community,” said Del Monte.

The campus will help to serve over 500 youth. It will also offer trade development and academic improvement programs.

“We decided many years ago that we needed to serve more kids and [we] definitely hear that from the community too, the programs are needed and we have outstanding programs,” said Del Monte.

Del Monte said the current campus will be renovated along with the expansion.

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