SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Dozens gathered at Daffin Park Saturday morning for a one-mile walk in the name of unity in the community.

“We’re doing a unity walk with some community members, it’s a great opportunity for us to get out into the community and to show some unity in the community,” said Savannah Police Department Chief Roy Minter. “I’m very proud of all the community members that came out this morning over this holiday weekend to show some unity for our community, so we’re proud to be partners in this walk.”

The walk was sponsored by the Baha’i faith community, in commemoration of 100 years since the passing of Abdul-Baha Abbas Effendi, who served as the head of the Baha’i faith from 1892 to 1921. A faith that is all about universal unity.

“We embrace all religions. We focus on love for all of humanity and walking in unity,” said Citi Brannen of the Baha’i Faith Community. “That’s what brings us out here today, we really want to lock arms with all religious groups, all community groups and actually, not just talk about unity but to have meaningful conversations about how to put boots on the ground.”

With the holiday season underway, organizers pointed to the season of giving as a reason to look out for one another, regardless of their race, gender or background.

“Savannah is a very generous community in that there’s always someone giving, something given, however at the same time we seem a little bit divided and what we’re doing here is promoting unity, we want us to walk together no matter what race, religion, creed, sex,” said Brannen.