Community provides ‘deployment dolls’ to comfort children with parents in military


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Forty-two percent of students at Pulaski Elementary School have a parent in the military.

Community members are coming together to help the children feel more connected to their parents.

Members of the PTA came up with the idea to distribute deployment dolls that have a plastic pocket on the face for placing a photo of their parent. The dolls were created as a way to help children cope.

“This base has several different forms of deployment,” President of the Pulaski Elementary School Parent Teacher Alliance Sherri Carpenter said. “Some go every three months, some go nine months or more. So, we wanted to make sure those kids had what they need to be able to sleep easier at night with their parents being gone.”

The PTA, along with the Nine Line Foundation, gave out more than 70 deployment dolls to families that have a parent away from home.

“Everybody loves it. It helps the kids so much. I know with my own son when he was young and his dad has been deployed about three times now and he would think that his dad was mad at him when he left.” Carpenter said.

“He didn’t quite understand what the concept was of deployment. He’s finally starting to understand that but we would have a whole bedtime routine and these dolls make that so much easier so he can actually kiss daddy goodnight.”

“It is awesome,” Pulaski Elementary School Student Luke Carpenter said. “Thank you for making everything easy and remarkable.”

Nine Line launched a fundraiser that donated a portion of the proceeds from the sale of R.E.D. Shirts or Remember Everyone Deployed, to purchase one hundred dolls for Pulaski students.

“Anything we can do to help the families and the children and make it a little bit easier,” Nine Line Foundation Content Manager Kaila Donaldson said.

“The shirt sales did really good. We were able to get them one hundred dolls. It did so well we’re going to try and make it a frequent rotation until all of our troops come back home.”

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