Community members reach out to nursing home residents and their caregivers


RICHMOND HILL, Ga. (WSAV) – Community members gathered together to spread hope to people in their area who are most at-risk of contracting COVID-19—using creative methods to bring a sense of community to people who are isolated.

Richmond Hill locals, law enforcement, and the Congregation at Richmond Hill United Methodist Church decorated their cars, wrote messages on signs, and lined-up for a drive-by parade.

“This is just a way that we felt like, without endangering anybody, we can just let people know that they’re not forgotten and that we love them and care about them both the residents and the staff,” Jeanne Wallace the event’s coordinator stated.

As they drove by, fire engine sirens blared and people honked their horns in an effort to spread hope to people like Mary Ann Henderson’s Dad, who is struggling to cope.

“He’s going to be 90 in June and um, this has been very difficult for him because he’s got some dementia and he’s not really sure why everybody’s wearing masks what we can do and all that, and I have not seen him since the beginning of March. It’s been very hard for all of them, they’re very depressed, they’re staying in their rooms. They need anything they can like this to inspire them to keep on truckin’,” Henderson said.

Their gesture was recognized by the caregivers who have been stepping up to serve as both family and staff for their residents.

“It made them happy to see you know, the community come out and actually parade around for them and actually show them that they miss them, that they love them, and we’re praying for them and it was a joy to just see their faces light up to see the community you know care for them,” Whitney Carter, a culinary assistant at Station Exchange Senior Care, said.

“They’re not forgotten and even though things are pretty bad right now and they’re feeling pretty alone, that they are not alone and we haven’t forgotten they’re here. We love them and we are praying for them,” Wallace said, as she encouraged community members to find ways to reach out to their local residents and caregivers.

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