Buy Local Savannah draws a crowd on River Street


More than 150 business leaders from Chatham County gathered on a riverboat in Savannah on Thursday.

The ‘Buy Local’ monthly luncheon is an event meant to keep the wheels of business turning, spurring growth in the local economy.

Buy Local Savannah’s mission includes supporting locally owned and operated, independent businesses in the greater Savannah area, as well as prevention for community-based businesses from national and global competition. 

Buy Local Savannah President, Caleb Harkleroad says members are paying it forward for the local economy. 

“The way to spend your money is locally, because they’re going to pour it back through their charitable donations,” said Harkleroad. “They’re going to pour it back in the school systems. I mean, these companies that are putting their money where their mouth is and giving back to Savannah.”

He added the organization has about 285 members in Chatham County. 

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