SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) — Bryan County Animal Control (BCAC) in Richmond Hill announced the completion of their renovations, allowing for a new environment for dogs that will call this place their temporary home.

Bryan County spokesperson, Matthew Kent, said it all started with a grant allowing the shelter to get the ball rolling.

“Bryan County recently got a 20,000 grant from the Atlanta Humane Society to renovate some of the kennels in the Richmond Hill center,” Kent said. “The Richmond Hill shelter is much older than the Pembroke shelter, so we decided to spend the money on this shelter here.”

Now, they are now able to showcase a before and after.

“They all have new epoxy floors, new fencing and new paint on the walls,” Kent explained. “That not only helps keep the area sanitized, but it also helps make it look better and make it a better home for the pets while they’re here.”

Before the renovations, all dogs were sent to the Pembroke shelter and a number went to Renegade Paws Rescue. News 3 asked Kent if those same dogs were currently back at the shelter awaiting adoption.

“They are not the dogs that were originally moved to Pembroke or to Renegade Paws [Rescue],” Kent said. “Luckily, those were adopted or moved to a different place. Sometimes you just have to rehome a dog in a different state or different part of the state.”

Now that the holiday season is here, Kent wants people who are planning to surprise a loved one with a special gift, to keep this in mind. “It’s holiday season and people tend to give pets as gifts,” said Kent. “That’s great as long as the care is there, as long as people are willing to take care of them long term. A pet is a long-term commitment.”

The new shelter has been open for about a week.