BLUFFTON, S.C. (WSAV) — Blessings for Bluffton is a new program aimed at giving a helping hand to families who are going through tough times.

“This program is for the community, funded by the community,” said Bluffton Police Chief Joe Babkiewicz. “We have a very giving community, very generous people in our community, and this is a way that they can help others in the time of need.”

Through community donations, it’s helping the Bluffton Police Department help families get back on their feet

“They may just be really going through a tough time, like maybe their husband just lost their job or they had to have an emergency medical surgery,” said Kate Cooler, Bluffton Police Department’s victim’s advocate. “And so for them, this extra couple of hundred dollars going towards food and, you know, a new pair of cleats for their son to play football might be just that, absolutely a blessing. And that little extra push to keep going and to know that your community cares about you.”

With the help of The Community Foundation of the Lowcountry, every month, two families can get groceries or household items paid for. In times when a trip to the grocery store can set families back, that extra boost can go a long way.

“There’s been inflation. There’s been different costs that have been associated with just your regular trip to the grocery store,” Cooler said. “Being able to give a family or an individual or just a couple, something that helps them, pushes them to say, ‘You know what? This was a huge help this month,’ and saved them some money in their own pocket.”

To nominate a neighbor, friend or family in need, you’ll have to fill out a form on the town’s website. You can also donate online or drop off a gift card at the police station.

Babkiewicz said programs like this one are the reasons a lot of his officers joined the force.

“There’s always a quote that you’ll see on the side of every police vehicle and that’s protect and serve. And we often forget about the service side of what we do as law enforcement. It’s one reason why law enforcement officers get into this profession is to help others to help improve the quality of life for others.”