BEAUFORT, S.C. (WSAV) – The city of Beaufort and supporters have raised over $50,000 to aid a city of a similar size in war-torn Ukraine.

Officials said Mayor Stephen Murray reached out to Ostroh Mayor Yurii Yahodka in mid-March to see how Beaufort could help the historic city.

Yurri welcomed the help, according to city officials, and said any donations would help Ostroh feed and offer shelter to refugees in addition to supplying the military with various needs.

Beaufort set up a relief fund through its Pride of Place donation program, which raised $31,000. Then, glass artist Greg Rawls designed blue and yellow glass pendants and pins honoring Ukraine’s flag to sell for $20 at Thibault Gallery on Bay Street.

According to the city, the gallery has donated more than $22,000 to the relief fund from the sales.

“We are so gratified by the outpouring of support for Ostroh,” Murray stated. “We thank everyone who has donated to this worthy cause.

“We’re very grateful to Greg Rawls and Eric and Mary Thibault for offering this beautiful pin for sale. It’s just a great way to show your support for Ukraine, and all it has endured.”

The city plans to transfer $40,000 of the funds to a special bank account that Ostroh has set up. The rest will be transferred at the end of the campaign or be used to ship supplies to Ostroh, officials said.

In a recent email to Murray, Yurii said: “Thank you and all your residents of Beaufort for giving help to Ostroh. We are fine. Ostroh community hosts displaced people, gives places for living, food and hygiene products. We are going to buy food and military things for Ukrainian army on all funds that you will transfer to the charity account. Your help and support bring us closer to the victory! Glory to Ukraine!”

The city plans to continue its relief campaign for several more weeks. Those interested can visit Beaufort’s website linked here.

Find more information on Rawls’ pendants and pins at