Baldwin Park woman adds brightness, fun to community with unique ribbon tree


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Over the past week, something unique and colorful has slowly taken shape in front of Kate Greene’s front yard.

The Baldwin Park resident says the idea came to her one morning while lying in bed.

“My current medium of creative expression is weaving, but I’ve only been doing that a couple months,” Greene told NOW.

“Mostly, what I’ve been doing is what some of us remember as kids as doing potholder looms, but I’ve now made a big loom,” she said.

Greene decided to take the leftover scraps and decorate a tree with them in her yard.

“I have learned in my years that if you don’t grab onto an idea when it comes in your head, somebody else will, and it will disappear,” Greene said. 

That idea came to life in the form of what she calls Kate’s Ribbon Tree. 

“I hopped out of bed Monday morning and started grabbing ribbon, lots of leftover t-shirt yarn, t-shirt scraps, and started doing this,” she said. 

Green has turned it into a community activity, encouraging people via Facebook to first figure out her address, and then stop by and add something new to the tree.

Each day, Greene posts a video online to show her followers what’s been added. 

She says she wants people to try placing things on the tree when no one is looking as part of the fun. 

“Well, that’s a little hard when no one’s looking because I’m spending hours on my front porch,” Greene said. 

She added that since she lives alone, her main interaction with people is from her front porch. 

“This is serving a purpose of me being able to interact with people,” Greene said. “I get up every morning excited, and run out here to see what’s new!”

From sunglasses to colorful ribbons and Mardi Gras beads, Greene is finding something new on her tree each day. 

She says because she’s on the shorter side, she’s encouraging neighbors to add their trinkets to the higher branches, if they can, “without interrupting the newly budding tree.”

Greene says she’s more than happy to bring out a ladder if needed. 

Kate’s Ribbon Tree seems to be a glimmer of brightness in what has been a dark time in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. 

The tree, Greene says, is just her way to add some fun and happiness to her tight-knit and friendly community. 

“I have decided, even as it gets tackier and tackier looking, I’m going to leave it up for the duration of this crisis,” Greene said.

“Similar to when people tied yellow ribbons around their trees until soldiers came home, I’m doing the same thing,” she said.

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