‘A Family Fourth’ event teaches significance of historic sites


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – A local nonprofit is working to preserve our country’s history.

The Coastal Heritage Society was founded in 1975 to help preserve and save Old Fort Jackson. The historic site was used as a military garrison for about 57 years and was actively used in the American War for Independence and in the Civil War.

“Freedom is not free. Freedom comes at a very dear and precious cost that is paid by patriots in every generation,” Aaron Bradford an Interpretive Supervisor and Education Specialist for the Coastal Heritage Society said.

Community members came together on for the nonprofit’s “A Family Fourth” event to see history re-enacted––learning about the significance of the historic grounds the organization works to preserve.

“That idea of what unites us is stronger than anything that can divide us, the idea that we can agree that all men are created equal. I think there’s something to be said of standing literally in their footsteps and that’s why these places are so important,” Bradford stated.

Cheryl Pangborn and her family came to the historic site on the 4th to learn about its history.

“I know that there are people out there that have given their lives and and are still doing that. We didn’t get here on accident, it happened because of people really sacrificing,” Pangborn said.

Pangborn, who come from an active military family added a call to others: “Take a minute to remember how we got here because it didn’t happen on accident.”

Bradford said the value of unity stands true today––highlighting the nearly 10,000 African American soldiers who fought in the war and would continue to fight all the way through the Civil War for their unalienable right to be free.

“When we consider the Declaration of Independence some would say it’s even a miraculous instance of a unanimous declaration coming about. When you consider the incredible division, when you consider the incredible differences in a way of life and differences in cultures and differences in laws the 13 colonies had, it is extraordinary that those founders were able to set aside their differences and were able to come together and were able to achieve a unanimous Declaration of Independence,” Bradford added.

Bradford said the site gives people the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of the brave men and women who have given their lives fighting for freedom. He said it is critical to teach future generations the history of the past to ensure a brighter future.

The Coastal Heritage Society operates the following sites:

They operate based off of admissions and donations. Click HERE to donate.

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