SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Business is booming for 7-year-old twin sisters in Savannah.

But Kamari and Kamara Anderson’s lemonade stand on the corner of Skidaway Road and 36th Street has gotten pushback.

“At first, I just thought it was fun, just creating a business for my daughters,” the twin’s father Quentin Lawyer said.

Lawyer said a white woman commented that the family, all African Americans, probably didn’t have a license to sell their lemonade.

“A lady came in and was like, ‘I bet they don’t have a license.’ And other people were like, ‘how do you know that?’ and she was like, ‘I seriously doubt it,’” the dad explained.

After the incident, a family friend helped the Andersons stand their ground and filed the paperwork so the twins had a permit to sell their lemonade.

Now, their business, Twin-Monade, is fully licensed in the City of Savannah.

Lawyer says the woman’s comment was blatant racism.

“I didn’t even comment back to her,” he said. “What she tried to do, it caused the opposite, really. She helped us more than she hurt us.”

Now, they’ve expanded their business, complete with merchandise and 10 different flavors of homemade lemonade.

“Our flavors are strawberry-kiwi, blue raspberry, cotton candy, coconut, banana,” Kamari said.

They’ve made more than $5,000 in just a few days.

“That’s the whole purpose of it,” Lawyer said. “To create generational wealth.”

“The reason why I’m happy we sell lemonade because we have the best flavors and it tastes so good,” Kamara said. “Come by to our lemonade stand and taste our lemonade!”