​SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Nearly 120 soldiers deployed today. The troops flew out of the Hunter Army Airfield and will be gone for 9 months. 

They’re being sent to the Middle East to help with water purification and fuel supply.

Today, those troops strapped in and prepared to take off. Some soldiers boarded with just their gear. Others brought stuffed animals or personal items to keep their loved ones close to their hearts.

Thomeka Mccormick is bringing a build-a-bear that her daughter made for her. When she squeezes the teddy bear’s hand, she can hear a special message her daughter recorded.

“My daughter did a build a bear for me and with the build a bear she was able to create with my favorite colors, her scent, and her heartbeat and then also she did a little voice-over it, where when I push the button it says ‘Mommy, I love you,’” said Thomeka Mccormick, First Sargent.

Officials say that they don’t know exactly where the troops will be based. 

But, they do know they will visit several countries in the Middle East.