BEAUFORT, S.C. (WSAV) — A 10-year-old boy is mowing his way toward earning his dream johnboat, one yard at a time, with his own lawn care business. 

One day, Tobias Patel asked his mom, Amanda, if she could buy one of the watercrafts for him. 

“I was like, ‘Uh, you can earn it!’” Amanda laughed in an interview with NOW.

“So then he’s like, ‘well, how do I do that?,’ and I’m like, hmm, great question!” the Beaufort teacher said.

That’s how Tobias’ Mow Country Lawn Boy business got off the ground. 

“I had this mower that my dad had and it said ‘Lawn Boy,’ so I had to put Lawn Boy in the name,” shared Tobias, who says he’s thrilled about getting started on working toward his goal.

He hopes to raise about $3,000 to help pay for a johnboat, he said, and thinks he could reach the goal in five months.

To get the word out to their community, he and Amanda shot and edited a commercial with iMovie. 

“My name is Tobias, and I’m the proud owner of Mow Country Lawn Boy,” said the young entrepreneur in the short clip featuring him working on a lawn. 

They shared it on Amanda’s Facebook earlier this week, and it quickly earned a lot of attention.

“When we posted the commercial, he was like, ‘they like it?,’” Amanda said.

“I was like, ‘yeah buddy, they do!’ and I was surprised too,” she said, adding, “But that’s Beaufort, you know, that’s our town.”

Tobias is charging $10 per lawn and says the service is free to any of his past and current teachers. One of his teachers, Mrs. Clancy, even treated her student with cookies after his hard work mowing her lawn.

Business appears to be booming — Tobias had a packed schedule for his first week, his mom says.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t have any more openings this week,” Tobias wrote in an update on Facebook.

 “I’m booked with lawns to mow, but I can get you on my schedule for next week or the week after, I can write your name down just in case somebody cancels,” he added.

Amanda says she’s proud of her son for his dedication.

“Facebook has been extremely helpful during this time, and the support from the community [is great], like friends and people just proud and celebrating him, so I think that’s exciting, too,” she said.

People in the Beaufort area can reach out to the Patels via Amanda’s Facebook page, or by calling her cell number at 843-271-5141.