One Savannah teacher is bridging the generation gap through the power of music.

‘Do Re We’ invites parents, children and senior citizens to come together in harmony.

The intergenerational classes take place at the Buckingham South Assisted Living Facility. 

“Sometimes when I come in they’ll be asleep or be kind of low key, but as soon as the children come in and they see those little faces, something wakes up inside them and they transform and they glow,” Rebecca Flaherty, Do Re We instructor said of the older students.

She says bringing children to their home helps the children learn about people with different abilities.

“To see people that have walkers or wheelchairs, they’re able to see people with hearing aids, and wrinkles and gray hair and know that that’s a good thing,” said Flaherty. “That’s a positive thing, not a scary thing.”

Do Re We students say it’s a great class for those who may be living far away from grandparents or grandchildren.

If you’re interested in signing up or learning more about classes, visit here.