The Humane Society of Greater Savannah seeks ‘forever homes’ for pets

Clear the Shelters

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV)—News 3’s Clear the Shelters campaign is underway and we’re on your side by helping you find the next addition to your family. NOW reporter Claire Going takes a closer look at the pets in one of Savannah’s local shelters that need forever homes.

The Humane Society of Greater Savannah is always working towards finding lost and stray animals loving families. But the shelter’s employees say they have a large influx of animals that need to be adopted now more than ever.

“We definitely have a lot of pets coming in especially kittens right now because it is actually kitty season and we are completely full of kittens,” Humane Society Community Outreach Coordinator Biz Austin said. “A lot of them are actually in foster care right now, but we also have a lot at the shelter.”

You have the option to either foster or adopt pets from their shelter. Austin says even if money is tight during this time, the Humane Society will provide food for the pets you adopt or foster.

Adoptable dogs at The Humane Society of Greater Savannah:

See more available pets on The Humane Society website.

“Honestly now is the best time. I actually adopted a dog at the beginning of the quarantine just because I was working from home so I had a lot of free time on my hands,” Austin said.

“People get bored being at home and it gives you something to do,” she added. “It helps so much with your emotional health and mental health just having an animal there and having something to take care of especially if you’re not working right now.”

The Humane Society’s pajama party program allows you to take a pet home for the weekend to test out your compatibility.

“It’s easier on you and there’s not a lot of pressure on the decision,” Austin said.

Austin says if you’re not able to take in a dog or cat right now, there are still ways help and donations are always appreciated.

“We are always looking for cat food. Kitten pate, it’s cat food for little kittens which we’re getting in a lot. Kitty litter, dog toys, leashes, so basically everything right now,” Austin said.

“We are a non-profit, so we don’t get money from the government and all the help we get is from the community. So anything we can get we are extremely grateful for.”

Check out a map of shelters near you and share your rescue story on our Clear the Shelters page.

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