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News 3 executive producer shares her pet adoption stories

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Enocha Edenfield knew the big moment was coming. 

She and her then-boyfriend, Josh, had already started browsing for engagement rings, and she’d even picked out a few potential winners.

“It was December, and I was getting ready for a date that we were going on, and I thought, ‘Tonight’s the night! He’s gonna propose tonight, I know it’s gonna happen!’” she recalled. 

Edenfield, who is one of News 3’s own executive producers, heard a knock at the door while she prepared for date night.

The knock wasn’t unusual, because their Panama City home’s front door often stuck when the weather changed.

She went to answer the knock, expecting to see her partner. 

No boyfriend in sight. 

When Edenfield looked down, however, she saw the cutest little tuxedo kitten on the front porch, “freaking out!” she said.  

It was almost like the kitten was dressed for the special occasion. 

Josh emerged from the shadows behind his soon-to-be fiancée and asked her to read the tag hanging from the kitten’s collar. 

“I didn’t have my glasses on at the time, it was low light, and all I could make out was a ‘W,’’’ Edenfield said. “He said, ‘it’s ruined, it’s all ruined!’ and I was like, ‘What’s ruined?!’”

Josh then told her the collar read, “Will you marry me?”

“Then, I started crying and still holding on to a cat that’s freaking out,  and he thought, ‘Is this a yes?!’” Edenfield laughed. 

It certainly was. 

Enocha Edenfield, one of the owners of almost 12-year-old Wymm, says the cat enjoys being the center of attention. (Image/Enocha Edenfield)

The couple has been married for nearly 11 years.

That’s how they welcomed the cat they named Wymm — the acronym for “Will you marry me?” — into her new forever home. 

They realized something interesting about their proposal kitten sometime after the big moment. 

“The toe that would be her ring finger is black, while the rest of her paw is white,” Edenfield said.

Josh had adopted the kitten from the Humane Society of Bay County in Florida.  

“He was hoping to find an orange cat, because an orange cat that I’d had for years had recently passed away, and I really missed him,” Edenfield said.“But he saw Wymm, and there was just something about Wymm that just stood out to him.”

Earlier this year in March, the couple adopted Vash the Stampede, an energetic puppy, from Lovable Paws Animal Rescue in Hardeeville, South Carolina. 

Here is Vash the Stampede as a much smaller puppy. (Image/Enocha Edenfield)

He’s named after a character from an anime called “Trigun.”

The Edenfields were looking for a corgi to bring home after having bought a house and deciding it was time to get a dog. They had put in an application with the shelter for one of the pups of a long-haired corgi mix that had recently given birth.

A few months passed and they hadn’t heard back, so they went up to the shelter to ask about the dogs again.

They saw Vash, and Edenfield thought he was “the cutest little thing.”

They applied for Vash specifically, and a few weeks later, the weekend after St. Patrick’s Day, they brought him home.

Edenfield loves her two adopted pets, plus her cat October, which she got from a friend. 

“Just because a dog isn’t a purebred doesn’t mean it’s not a good dog, “ Edenfield said. 

“We thought we were getting a corgi, and we were surprised!” she said about Vash. “But he’s still a great dog, and I wouldn’t trade him in for anything.”

She recommended that people adopt because there are so many pets out there that need homes. 

“There are animals out there that had a person, and for whatever reason, that person’s not there anymore,” Edenfield said. “So, they need another one.”

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