‘Help clear the shelters’ Bluffton family adopts from Coastal Pet Rescue

Clear the Shelters

BLUFFTON, S.C. (WSAV) – Jim and Jill Murphy rescued their three dogs Piper, a 4-year-old Shih Tzu, Penelope, a four-year-old Maltese/Bichon mix, and 8-year-old Phobe, a Maltese who was rescued in Ohio.

“Adopt, don’t shop,” Jill said. “We believe in it!”

The Murphys say although some rescued pets carry issues from their past, it’s important to be patient and try to make them feel comfortable in your home.

“Rescues do come with issues,” Jill said. “But I look at it this way, we all come with issues!”

The Murphys found Piper at Coastal Pet Rescue in Savannah. They say that if they could adopt another dog, they would.

“You’re getting a quality dog that needs to be loved,” Jim said. “We need to continue to donate to them and help clear the shelters.”

Every November, the Murphys hold a get-together with all of their dog-loving friends raise donations for local small shelters since they are sometimes overlooked.

Jim and Jill say that as much as they saved the dogs, the dogs saved them.

“The joy that this one here brought me was incredible. The first week we had her she laid in bed with me like a baby so we knew we had done the right thing,” Jim said.

Visit coastalpetrescue.org for more information on adoption, fostering, and donating.

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