From rescue to rehabilitation: How Hunny got her groove back

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HILTON HEAD, S.C. (WSAV) – Hunny’s road to recovery was difficult for everyone involved.

At 3-years-old, she was rescued during a drug bust carried out by the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office and Animal Services. That’s when Tallulah McGee first met her.

“We were called out and this dog was in a situation that was dangerous for her,” said McGee. “So we removed all the animals from that house.”

McGee, who’s the Director of Animal Services for Beaufort County, says she’s saved thousands of animals who have been in harmful situations like Hunny.

Once Hunny and her eight puppies were rescued, they were brought to the Hilton Head Humane Association. Laura Tipton is an Adoption Facilitator at the shelter and was there when they made a shocking discovery about the dog.

“They found residue of baggies in her abdomen. It was then determined that they had drug residue on them,” said Tipton. “So, she actually was kind of going through withdrawals during that whole period.”

Tipton said Hunny went through drug rehabilitation, just like a human would do. Once she completed rehabilitation, she went through treatment for heartworms.

It was at this time that shelter officials had to remove her puppies from her care, saying it was a risk to Hunny’s health. All of the puppies were able to find a home.

Tipton took Hunny and a few other dogs home who needed more medical attention. Unlike the other dogs, Hunny never left Tipton’s house.

Five years later, Tipton is extremely grateful she adopted Hunny.

“She is just a whole new dog who enjoys life who has a lot of joy and happiness,” said Tipton. “I don’t think she would’ve survived if she stayed where she was.”

Tipton also says that Hunny has taught her a lesson in love, resiliency and the connection between humans and man’s best friend.

“I’m just happy when a person and an animal make a connection,” said Tipton. “I think it’s just the most perfect thing in the world.” 

Visit the Hilton Head Humane Association’s website to learn more about the current animals up for adoption.

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