Clear the Shelters: Couple happy they took a chance on adopting Champ

Clear the Shelters

PORT WENTWORTH, Ga. (WSAV) — It was three-and-a-half years ago that Linda and Matt Jaggers decided to take a chance on Champ.

The couple had their hearts set on bringing home a boxer when they began searching for a dog to adopt after having had their previous boxer for 15 years.

 They turned to the internet in their search for a new furry companion. 

“We went down and asked him to be taken from the back to the front,” he told News 3. “He came right to me, so I said ‘yeah.’”

That’s what the key point of having an animal is, is to love you and you love it.”


The now 5-year-dog had heartworms, they found out. 

“It’s hard to have canines adopted out that have issues,” Matt said. 

At first, the Jaggers hesitated, because they were unsure of the cost to get Champ the help he needed. From what they were told, no one was willing to adopt Champ.

“So my wife and I, we’re boxer fans anyway, we said, ‘No, we’re not gonna let this one go,’” Matt said.

A little over 3 years later, the Jaggers feel strongly that Champ was worth every penny spent.

“To me, a dog is the best thing that you could ever have,” said Champ’s owner, Matt Jaggers.

“It was really a godsend for us because Champ’s been our life since, so we did the right thing,” Matt said. “We needed him just as much as he needed us, and that’s what it’s all about.”

Today, Champ is a healthy, happy and well-loved member of the Jaggers family.

It only takes a few minutes in a room with the dog to realize he truly loves life.

“He’s just a very good dog,” Matt said. “ He’s playful, loving, he’s good to kids, he’s good to family.”

The Jaggers get him checked out regularly, and in return, the dog helps his owners stay healthy by keeping them active.

“He’ll come up with something for us to do with him, and he forces us to say, ‘Hey, we gotta do something!’” Matt said. “He makes us have fun, for us being older.”

Matt feels that no matter where a person decides to get a new pet — from a shelter or from a breeder — the animal will still love their owner. 

“That’s what the key point of having an animal is, is to love you and you love it,” he told News 3. 

“You can’t get any better than that.”

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