Pandemic supply-chain issues impacting Lowcountry businesses


CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Shortages of everyday items are starting to impact prices at the store. The problem has become more evident as the pandemic has gone on.

Some Lowcountry shops say they are tracing their lack of inventory back to a national shortage of raw materials. 

It’s a different world these days. 

William Royall, Store Manager Royall Hardware 

What started with toilet paper, led to shortages of coffee, lumber, and now liquor and paint products.

William Royall, the Store Manager of Royall Hardware, says while they aren’t putting purchase limits on certain items, distributors are. He says the store is only getting 60 to 80% of what they are asking for. 

Royall says he wants the Lowcountry to keep in mind that it’s not the store owners or managers that are causing the price increases or the shortages. He says they are working as hard as they can to keep things normal and to have the products that you need. 

The owner of Sweetgrass Liquor and Spirit Shop says that a glass shortage has significantly reduced the amount of liquor she can purchase.

She says in addition to the issue of raw materials, a shortage of truck drivers is preventing materials from getting where they need to be.

Both managers and store owners ask their patrons to have patience with them during this time, as they say, they too do not want to have those empty spots along their shelves. 

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