GLENNVILLE, Ga. (WSAV) — A local Glennville business is expanding overseas after opening its first manufacturing facility in Germany to reach European customers.

Rotary Corp has been making lawn care parts as a family business for 66 years.

“I’ve got two stockholders I need to please and that’s my sisters,” said Ed Nelson, president and patriarch of Rotary Corp.

He told News 3 that setting up shop in Germany was decades in the making.

“I told my employees several months ago that I was more excited about this business now than I was 20 years ago and that’s the truth,” said Nelson.

Hornbach, Germany, just a couple hours away from Frankfurt houses the newest manufacturing facility for Rotary’s lawncare equipment parts.

“Hornbach reminds me a lot of Glennville,” said Nelson. “Small, it’s smaller than Glennville, it’s got less people, but it’s a real laid-back town. You don’t hear any sirens or stuff like that and I kind of fell in love with that town.”

Getting the support of the town’s mayor and the European Union, he’s excited to expand.

“Somebody said, ‘You’re going to take business away from our production here.’ I said no! We’re going to grow our business,” said Nelson. “There’s so many people here that don’t buy our product that we’re going to look for, and we’re finding them now.”

While the business has been selling products overseas for decades now, Germany’s facility will be able to get products to Europeans faster than ever before.

Nelson said with all the money he hopes to make from his new customer base overseas, he wants to reinvest in his Glennville business.