Wacoal and Dillard’s Savannah Celebrate Fit for The Cure

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Dillard’s at Savannah Mall is part of a movement to turn cancer patients into survivors.

As manager of the lingerie department, Cecelia Jeffery is honored to support an important cause. 

“I did not start getting mammograms until I was in my 30’s,” said Cecelia, “ And it was because it wasn’t pushed.  It wasn’t a concern.  But then as I got older and I saw friends that I lost to breast cancer. You know I’m thinking well my grandmother had breast cancer.” 

Dillard’s is teaming up with popular lingerie manufacturer Wacoal for a complimentary bra fitting event called, Fit for the Cure.

For every woman who gets fitted with a new bra, Wacoal will donate two dollars to Susan G. Komen for breast cancer research and community programs.  

“If you make a purchase there’s an additional amount that is donated to breast cancer awareness,” explained Cecelia.

The event will also offer women valuable breast health education. 

“If you don’t have the proper fit on a bra you start losing breast tissue and it starts sagging.  You have the pendulous breast is what it’s called.”

Cecelia warns against something many women do, pulling your bra straps up to get a better fit.

“You’re gonna be pulling this back part all the way up into your spine. So then this underwire is gonna be stabbing you in your breast tissue.  So we wanna make sure that they understand that this is just to smooth out the cup.” 

Dillard’s is also raising money to help support the emotional and physical needs of women at Savannah’s Safe Shelter.

“All of the donated dollars that we get actually go toward purchasing undergarments for the ladies at the Savannah Safe Shelter”.

“It lifts them up. They’re getting a gift, but they’re also getting something of comfort that is theirs.   Unfortunately some of them leave with just the clothes on their backs.”

Dillard’s has donated 10,000  worth of undergarments to Safe Shelter since 2018.

Wacoal has raised more than 5.8 million dollars since 1999 through fit for the cure nationwide.

“Women build each other up.  Women support one another, and it’s important with Buddy Check 3 and any other group,” said Cecelia.

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