SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – The breast cancer tree at the Telfair Pavilion inside Candler Hospital is sparkling with lights and beautiful ornaments.

The tree was lit up this week with the help of breast cancer survivor Tricia Shattuck.

The lighting ceremony highlights and celebrates survivors and remembers those who had courage but are no longer with us.

“The pink tree stands for the survivors of breast cancer, and we raise money, particularly for the awareness and education,” said Kathy Levitt, a St. Joseph’s/Candler volunteer.

Fundraising gifts from local organizations were also highlighted, with every dollar raised helping uninsured women get mammograms.

“People that care and wanna do this, you said from small to large, and it’s really larger than even a village,” said Vernice Rackett, executive director of St. Joseph’s/Candler Foundations. “These folks come together because of the joy of giving. That goose-pimply feeling you feel you when you know you’re giving back, and they want to help a cause that speaks to them to create a soft place for people to land.”

“Just having the support of the Savannah Arts Academy was just wonderful, from the staff as well as the students,” said Olympia Hamilton, a breast cancer survivor. “And being able to present today was an awesome contribution.”

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If you have any questions or concerns about breast health, call the SJ/C Lewis Cancer and Research Pavilion at 912-819-7053.