‘A Day for Mammograms’: St. Joseph’s/Candler emphasizes importance of yearly breast exams

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — St. Joseph’s/Candler’s annual “A Day for Mammograms” serves as a reminder that early detection is the best defense against breast cancer.

“It is important because we absolutely have decreased mortality by our screening program that we have in the United States, and we want to continue that, we don’t want to go backward on it,” said Lora Reese, the director of Telfair ambulatory services. “We still, however, have 40,000 women every year in the United States alone that are diagnosed with breast cancer.”

Many people have skipped their annual mammograms in the past few years due to the pandemic. Health experts say that’s concerning because of how important early detection is when treating breast cancer.

“We have had some patients who skipped a year during the pandemic, and so we just request everyone now, please take a look. When was the last time you’ve had one?” Reese said.

Medical professionals advise women to start getting annual mammograms at the age of 40. However, if you have a family history of breast cancer, you may need to start sooner.

“Someone has a first-degree relative, mother, sister or aunt who has had breast cancer, and then they actually recommend that they begin screening 10 years prior to the age of diagnosis of the relative,” explained Reese.

That means if a relative was diagnosed at 40, then you should begin screening at 30.

Staff at St. Joseph’s/Candler are following their own advice by getting their screenings.

“I am going to get my mammogram, I get one every year, religiously,” said Kelly Allen, manager of Patient Registration.

Allen has seen firsthand the importance of getting a yearly screening. She says one patient recently underwent a mastectomy because her breast cancer wasn’t detected early enough — an important reminder not just for her family but for others too.

“But now she is bringing her daughters in and granddaughters in to also have the procedure done and test done to make sure the screenings are good,” Allen said.

Through their Telfair Mammography Fund, St. Joseph’s/Candler is making screenings affordable for all — regardless of your insurance status. For more information visit wsav.com/buddycheck3.

If you don’t have insurance and you need a mammogram click or tap here to learn more about the St. Joseph’s/Candler Mammography Fund.

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