HINESVILLE, Ga. (WSAV) – Time, convenience, cost and transportation are barriers that can discourage lifesaving mammograms.

One Liberty County school is passionate about changing that.

Back in October, Buddy Check 3 hosted a breast health event with teen girls at Bradwell Institute high school, which sparked a conversation with employees.

“We talked about Buddy Check 3 and getting that mobile unit out here,” said Oddett Marie Alexis with the Bradwell Parent Engagement group. “I was happy that they obliged.”

Monday, St. Joseph’s/Candler (SJ/C) brought its Mobile Mammography Unit to Bradwell Institute’s campus.

“I love the fact that it’s here, and these high school girls and boys, as well, see it, and they understand that everybody needs to take care of their breast health,” said math teacher Jody Scott.

Each woman received wellness, comfort and quality care — without missing work.

The convenient service hit close to home for school nutrition clerk Karen Edwards.

“I had a cousin who died from breast cancer, and I just want to make sure it doesn’t happen to me,” Edwards said.

“It was fine,” she said of her mammogram. “It wasn’t painful at all.”

Alice Jones is retired and lives nearby. She told Buddy Check 3 she’s consistent with breast checkups each year.

“I had an in-law that was close to me that had breast cancer and had to have one removed,” Jones said.

“I had a friend not too long ago back last year that had breast cancer and had to go through chemo and radiation treatments,” she added.

In total, 18 women had a mammogram at the SJ/C unit on Monday.

“Get it done. You never know,” Edwards said, adding, “Very important to get your breast checked every year.”

“I’m always spreading the word that you need to be aware,” Alexis said. “You need to ask questions, ask your family members. Get your history so that you can know what it is that you need to be looking out for.”

To schedule a Mobile Mammography Unit visit for your community, call 912-819-6140.

WSAV News 3 is On Your Side with Buddy Check 3 every third of the month to remind you and your buddies to complete your breast self-exams.

Click or tap here to learn more about the program.

If you have any questions or concerns about breast health, call the SJ/C Lewis Cancer and Research Pavilion at 912-819-7053.