SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Savannah Mayor Van Johnson and the City celebrated WSAV’s Buddy Check 3 program.

I invited breast cancer survivors to join me for the honor. We’ve been advocating for 21 years to save lives by raising awareness about the early detection of breast cancer. 

“Think about getting your annual mammogram, but also on the third day of every month make sure you do your breast self-exam,” WSAV’s Tina Tyus-Shaw said. “Men you are included. 1% of men will be diagnosed with breast cancer every year.”

“I went through 20 rounds of chemo, and I did 6 rounds of the red devil chemo,” Symenthia Shuman Allen said. “And then I had to go through radiation for 3 months, but I thank god for just touching and healing my body.”

“I had the mastectomy. No chemotherapy, no radiation,” said Beverly Miles Oneal. “This body is blessed. It’s covered.”

“I’d like to thank Tina and also Buddy Check 3 because myself and all my survivor sisters we rely on Buddy Check 3 because it gives us a lot of information and it gives us hope,” Crysal Higgins said.

Thank you to Mayor Johnson and the council for acknowledging WSAV’s Buddy Check 3 program. Click here to learn more about our life-saving program.