SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Our Healing Heroes: Tribute To Breast Cancer Survivors is a great example of Savannah coming together.  

We want to give special thanks to Ardsley Station for providing a delicious menu at the reception.  

The restaurant is coming up on 3 years in Savannah and thrives on paying it forward.

Owner Tyler Kopkas said, “If we can, you know, make these folks feel supported and loved and especially those that have been battling and are in remission and, you know, on their way to recovery, it just, you know, warms my heart and, you know, there’s, you know, the business side of running a restaurant but then you know, there’s the people side and that’s definitely something that’s important to our core values. It’s what we do it’s who we will always be.”

Yes, we want to be there through the tough times, but it’s also really great to acknowledge the good times,” General Manager Monica Krause explained. “It’s a beautiful day-to-day, and it was really fun chatting with everyone as they were coming through the food line. And just experiencing and also celebrating a victory.

Ardsley Station, News 3 finds your support is inspiring.  

Thanks for being a champion for breast cancer survivors.